Electro-Harmonix Bass Mono Synth Synthesizer Pedal



Product Highlights
  • 11 Synth Tones for Electric Bass
  • Wide Variety of Synth Sounds
  • Dry Knob for Adding Unprocessed Signal
  • Synth Knob Controls Synth Output Level
  • Power Supply Included
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    Product Highlights
  • 11 Synth Tones for Electric Bass
  • Wide Variety of Synth Sounds
  • Dry Knob for Adding Unprocessed Signal
  • Synth Knob Controls Synth Output Level
  • Power Supply Included
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    Designed for bass players who want to engage a realistic synth tone in their rig, the Electro-Harmonix Bass Mono Synth is a stompbox pedal with eleven selectable synth types, each with a different sound. Anything is possible, from the sound of Tom Sawyer to more modern wub-wub-wub dubstep basses. Please note that this is a monophonic pedal; you won't be able to trigger synth chords.

    Setting up the pedal is relatively straightforward. The DRY knob controls how much of your original signal goes to the output stage, while the SYNTH knob controls the output level of the synth effect. The SENS knob allows your dynamics to change how and when the synth will be triggered. The CTRL's function changes depending on the synth type, and the synth type can be changed via the TYPE knob. 

    The pedal sports one 1/4" instrument input and two 1/4" outputs, one for dry signal, and one for synth. Use the synth output on its own, or route the dry signal to its own input if you'd prefer. Hook your favorite, compatible TRS expression pedal into the EXP jack and you'll be able to control other parameters of the pedal. These parameters, like those of the CTRL knob, change depending on the synth you've got loaded up. 

    The pedal sports eleven different preset slots, so you can save your favorite settings into each position of the TYPE knob. A power supply is included with the Bass Mono Synth.

    Controls Explained

    DRY VOL Knob: This controls the volume of the untreated bass signal present at the synth output jack.

    SYNTH VOL Knob: This controls the overall volume of the synthesizer sound at the SYNTH OUTPUT jack.

    SENS Knob: This control adjusts the gain of the input signal before it hits the Bass Mono Synth’s trigger block, which is responsible for generating synth notes that match the pitch of your instrument. The trigger block also resets all envelope sweeps. It only triggers new notes when the input signal exceeds its threshold. Set to lower levels, this control will require louder notes to trigger the synthesizer. At higher values, the SENS knob might trigger new synth notes with every note you play. Use the LED as an aid when adjusting the SENS knob. For some synth types, SENS also adjusts the sweep range of the filter’s envelope. Higher settings of SENS yield wider filter sweeps and typically more level. 

    CTRL Knob: This can be used to control a specific parameter, and this parameter changes with each Synth Type.

    BYPASS Footswitch: Press this footswitch to toggle the synth output jack between buffered bypass and effect modes. The status LED lights when you are in effect mode. 

    PRESET Footswitch: Use this footswitch to toggle between Preset mode and the current settings shown by the knobs. The PRESET Footswitch is also used to save a preset to the current synth type, one set by the TYPE knob.

    Synth Types Offered

    LASER: A deep, pulsating synth with a bit of buzz

    X-FADE: A multi-VCO synth with some dry signal added to the filter sweep and a distorted, octavized sound

    ACID: A fast decaying synth reminiscent of the TB-303, sharp and needling in tone

    COSMIC: A bright and aggressive synth with subtle pitch modulation

    SUB: A round sub-octave synth for adding low end

    GROWL: A percussive, punchy synth with a round tone 

    WUB: A pulsating synth with a modulating filter, great for dubstep-style EDM

    UNISON: The huge sound of stacking voices on a polyphonic synth

    TWIN: A throaty synth sound with a formant-like filter

    SPECTRE: A multi-VCO synth with an added adjustable pitched note

    OBLIVION: A big, lush, warm synth tone with a warbling modulation effect and a high-end sizzle