Front Row Chromatic Clip-on Guitar Tuner 360-Degree Screen w/ Picks - 2 Pack

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MFR: FreTU-01

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This Bundle Contains:
(2) Front Row TU-01 Clip-on Chromatic Tuner with 360-Degree Color Screen
(2) Front Row Pick Sampler L/M/H ( .60; .73 ; 1 ) Gauges (4 each)

This tuner is designed to be easily seen on stage. You don't need to look at it straight-on, the bubble design allows you to see the display even from the side.

With the intelligent robot formative design and bright colorful LCD, this tuner will definitely be a hit with the modern musician.

It's 360-degree rotatable clip can adjust at your suitable angle, and is easy to clip onto your instrument.

One-click operation makes it very simple to use. Fantastic music accessory with great accuracy, precision and sensitivity.


  • Tuning mode:  Chromatic
  • Tuning range:  B0--B7
  • A4 calibration:  436Hz-445Hz
  • Tuning way:  Clip tuning automatically
  • Tolerance:  +/-1 cent
  • Power:  3V CR2032 battery (included)

User Manual

Thank you very much for purchasing FRONT ROW FRETU-01 multi-functional Clip Tuner. Please read this manual carefully to make sure that you use it correctly. Please keep it for future reference.

Detailed Operation Instruction

Insert the battery, press the power button short and enter into tuning, with A4=440Hz and in Chromatic Mode

  1. Turn on/Turn off
    1. Turn on: Press power button short at the power off condition, the LED will be lighted and the unit enters the tuner function automatically. The red note accuracy indication needle is in the middle and waits for tuning. PLEASE NOTE: Flickering indicator light for low battery to remind the users of changing battery.
    2. Turn off: Press the power button longer at the power on condition, and then the backlight is off. If no operation or no signal is detected for 3 minutes, it will turn off automatically.
  2. A4

Press the power button shortly to adjust.


0-5 means A4=440Hz-445Hz

6-9 means A4=436Hz-439Hz

Tuning Way

  1. After choosing the tuning mode, turn the clip for easy observation. Then clip the tuner to the instruments for tuning.
  2. When the tuner detects the tone and does a judgment automatically, it will show the corresponding note name the warp of the tone.
  3. According to the sense of pitch showed by the tuner, it will estimate the result, then adjust the pitch of the instrument.
  1. The pitch is in tune when: The note name and string number are the same as the correct ones, the “note accuracy indication needle” points to the middle of the meter, and the LED display changes to green.
  2. When the note name is the same as the actual ones, but the “note accuracy indication needle” points to the top part of the meter, please adjust the instrument to make a bit lower pitch until it is in tune. On the other hand, if the “note accuracy indication needle” points to the bottom part of the meter, please adjust the instrument to make a little bit higher pitch until it is in tune.
  3. Under the mode of Chromatic, the note name will show in the LCD display (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B). If the note name is lower than the actual string you played, please adjust the instrument to make a little higher pitch until it is in tune. On the other hand, please adjust the instrument to make a little lower pitch until it is in tune.

Replacing the battery

When you open the battery cover and put in a CR2032 battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative of the battery. If the system is halted and the power key is not working, please take out the battery and put it back in.


  1. Never use alcohol, petrol or other strong chemical cleaning to wipe the exterior or the LCD
  2. Do not crush or strike the exterior, otherwise the unit won’t be in good condition or has some other malfunctions
  3. For battery use:
  1. Confirm the correct polarity when putting in a new battery
  2. Take out the battery when the unit is not in use for a long time
  3. Take out the battery and re-put it in after 10 seconds when it cant work well
  4. Replace with the new battery if the LCD lights show weak or unclear
  5. Dispose of the old battery properly